Tuesday, August 11, 2009

India Arie/John Legend

India Arie opened. Wow. She was awesome.

John Legend opened in the crowd and then made his way to the stage. Very cool

Our friends Enid and Mike came with us.

I have a feeling your friend Tina would be rather jealous of this audience member, whom I'm sure was thanking her lucky stars she chose the black dress instead of jeans since she ended up on stage.

The encore was probably the best part of John Legend's show.


  1. I LOVE India Arie. She's fantastic. Wow, that woman from the audience must have been in heaven with John Legend down on his knees! : )

  2. India Arie was probably my favorite part of the show. She was down-to-earth and so empowering. She kept changing how she looked with subtle changes to her wardrobe throughout the show, too. She had an orange see-through wrap on over that white dress. Under the white dress was this bold, multi-colored dress. She's so gorgeous. And her back-up singers were so awesome. John's were, too, but he had them dress in skin-tight lycra and high heels. I felt so bad for them because their beauty was overshadowed by that.