Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We threw Katie a little surprise bachelorette party at supper club tonight. We all bought her lots of lingerie and gag gifts like this one from Tina: A can of spotted dick. We're not really sure what it is, or why anyone would eat it, but we all thought it was pretty freakin' funny.


  1. I can't believe you tried so many new recipes AND had a bachelorette all on the same night! You are ambitious!

    Katie's so stinkin' cute. I really like her. Didn't she move away? She's the one who lived in that sweet little craftsman-style bungalow with her fiance, right?

  2. She is pretty, stinkin' cute. : ) Yep, she moved to Durham. She used to live around the corner from me in Greensboro. : ( They rented a cute little bungalow.