Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A treat

We took Yoshi with us in the car to get his dog food at PetSmart. While I was in there, I got him a pack of rawhide chews. When he got home, he took it right to his pillow -- his usual drill. He later then dropped it in his food dish, which I've never seen before, and then picked it up again and took it to his pillow. He's probably burying it now. : )


  1. burying it in his pillow or out back? Edie's dog ate a bunch of chocolate the other night. This is after he had a bad stomach problem from eating a diaper wipe and after he needed surgery for eating a rubber ball. She's at her wits end. She loves the dog but thinks he needs a safer place to live. I feel terrible for her.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's terrible!

    Yoshi "buries" bones in the corners of the room. He never goes back to eat them once he puts them in the corner too. So weird.