Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrible view

Even with the sunrise in the background, the view from my bus stop is not very appealing. Joe and I have always talked about buying and completely redoing this convenience store. It's so gross, but the neighborhood is so nice.


  1. You're taking the bus? Even though you think it looks crappy this photo is pretty with the sunrise and pink clouds. It's also really sad and desolate but peaceful. There's a lot going on in it actually. I love the red stoplight. Red seems more appropriate in this photo than green or yellow.

  2. It was a really quiet week. With Anna and Parker at home with Joe, I thought it'd be better to take the bus than take the car from them or make them get up and bundled so early. Everyone else must have been off work too. It was so quiet waiting for the bus and there were plenty of seats.