Friday, December 11, 2009

Trimming the tree

We drank wine and shared Christmas memories while trimming the tree. It was a great night. (We took so many photos it was so hard to choose which one to post. So I went with an overall of the tree.)


  1. That is so gorgeous. You mean you and Toaster shared memories while you trimmed the tree? Wow. I don't think Joe and I have every done anything like that. That's so sweet!

  2. Yeah. : ) We talk about past Christmases growing up and tell the stories behind our ornaments -- well, he does, I don't have any of mine. : (

  3. Where are yours? I only have a couple of mine. I guess we should sort through all that stuff. My dad doesn't even put up a tree anymore.
    And Joe would like me to correct something -- our first holiday season together (while Anna was barely just gestating in my belly)we decorated a tree in my apartment and told lots of stories. It was just before he was leaving to go back to Ottawa and it was lovely. I think Anna's just more involved in trimming the tree than Daddy these days. It's kind of a girl thing in our house.