Sunday, October 24, 2010

My beloved Shadow

We lost Shadow this morning. She had a couple seizures last night and seemed OK. I heard something weird this morning so Joe went down to see her; she died with Joe holding her. I'm so heartbroken. The girls, Jack...

I took this funny photo of her yesterday. She was always laying like this. So ladylike.

I can't believe my beautiful girl is gone.

She loved the girls. She was so incredibly sweet. Always calm, always gentle. So endearingly clumsy. As soon as we'd walk in the door, she'd be right there, rubbing her face on whoever was closest, so happy to see us.

We're going to miss her so much.


  1. I don't know if this will help.....

    I was having an extremely hard & lonely time in NJ. I wanted a cat, so I went looking for one. I went to a local vet, I felt rescuing someone would be a good thing to do. They had a cat no one wanted. His name was Jaws. He had been hit by a car. They had wired his jaw shut at one point (hence the name). Eventually, there was just one wire that stuck out from the bottom of his jaw, which they said may never come out. When they handed him to me so I could meet him, he snuggled right in to me & it was love. I brought him home & he became my best friend. I have many wonderful memories of him, but didn't have him long. He had lymphoma, which I'm pretty sure he had before I brought him home. I did what I could, even paid for chemo for him, but he was just so bad. I had to let him go. He is still with me, in his little wooden box that I see everyday. I often wonder if he just wanted to feel loved so he could go in peace, that he felt that way with me. Maybe Shadow wanted, needed the same thing. To feel loved so she could have the peace to move on. I'm so sorry for you and Joe and your girls. You were all lucky to have each other. xoxo

  2. This post breaks my heart. When we spoke on the phone today, all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around you. I talked to Gina tonight and she cried right along with me. So sorry you have to go through this pain and loss, but I'm glad that Shadow brought some love and light to your lives even if for just a little while. And that she got to spend her last few months of her life with an amazing family.

  3. Thank you, Ladies. I guess we were lucky to have her as long as we did, too. Maybe we played the role she needed in her last months.

    Joe took Jack Jack to work with him today. He's probably going to keep doing that for a while. The vet said he'll probably grieve for a while, just like a person. He might not eat and he might wander around the house, sort of aimless, but he'll snap out of it at some point.