Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr. Big afterglow

Moments after we met Chris Noth in Starbucks, a stranger offered to take our photo in the ladies room of the Marriot. ha! We were pretty freakin' happy. Meeting Mr. Big was the icing on the cake, but this lady right here, I love her to death. She was by far the best birthday present I could ask for.


  1. The ladies' room? How in the world would someone in the ladies' room get the idea to take a photo?! It was totally the right moment, tho. Look at you two!

  2. lol! Okay, so I was trying to take our pic in the long mirror in this fancy ladies' room in the Marriot. And then this woman said she'd take our photo for us. I was trying to get a pic of our outfits, but I was like, whatever, I'll let this girl take our pic. And now I'm so glad she did bc love this pic of us.