Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After dealing with auto mechanics and body shops these past two weeks, I had an idea today of creating a service called "rent a husband" for single women who need someone to go with them to places like these so that they don't get taken advantage of, and so when you realize you've been screwed or in the process of being screwed, your husband can march in there and raise holy hell. Guess I have to instead.

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  1. I say, we should be able to rent best friends who know better about subjects. I'd love a girlfriend who knows everything about cars. How much would that freak out a shady mechanic?! You could catch them trying to rip you off bc you're a woman AND humiliate them at the same time!
    I should say, I've never had a shady mechanic. They've all been perfectly lovely to me, and I've never been ripped off (that I know of). Same goes for car salesmen/women. They've all been great.